The Awakening Awareness Academy

Enroll in Your Highest and Best Authentic Self for an Extraordinary Life.

  • Effortless access to your soul’s guidance
  • Locate and eliminate self-sabatoging tendencies
  • Learn to stop forcing your way through life by working with the 5 gears of the GPS Code™
  • Receive daily energy transmission in areas that you are working through

In the Ancient days, people would go to the temples for their Initiation into self mastery and awakening. 

Today the Academy presents the Initiation through quantum consciousness available from the comforts of your own home. 

The VIP  Initiation Experience : All 3 Steps Included

The Quantum Leap

If you’ve been on your spiritual path for a while and are looking to take your journey to the next level NOW, this is the best option for you.

Today is the day you commit to your own personal dedication to becoming the highest and best version of who you truly are as a powerful spiritual being beyond your limited perceptions.

This initiation program is facilitated by a Certified GPS Code Navigator which includes all three of the steps below.

The investment in your Self Mastery and Awakening is $1,111 with a surprise bonus for those ready to take the leap of faith. 

Step 1 : /Guided through a Group Retreat

The Awakening

Welcome to ‘Driver’s Ed’.

A certified navigator will facilitate a group retreat so that you can experience specialized training with implimentation of the secret code.


The Activation

Welcome to your private 1:1 ‘Driving Training’.

Your guide will be in the “passenger” seat as you enjoy practicing your understanding of the code and your ability to run it for yourself. 

Step 3 : Intimate Group Experience

The Attunement

Congratulations! You are free to ‘Self Drive’.

Keys in the ignition, turn on your vehicle.  You and/or your chosen intimate group will listen to the mp3’s with a guide.

Your guide will run sacred energy transmission for you and answer any comments or questions that come up.

Ongoing Support and Community

The Mentorship

The spirituality of success is fueled by energy, community, empowerment, and guidance.

This Mentorship is designed to give you what you need to accelerate in enlightened possibilities for wellness and wealth.


Daily: Remote Quantum Energy Transmission per your intention

Monthly: Group Money Energy Reiki Master Transmission

Monthly Group Q&A Calls with certified experts where questions are answered and insights are shared​

Access to Secret GPS Code Facebook Group


12 Monthly Payments $55 – monthly

1 Year Payment $497 – annually

VIP Private Mentoring

Now, beginning to drive a car, your guide will be in the “passenger” seat as you take an actual problem you are dealing with and run the Code yourself.  Your guide will oversee and offer suggestions for an empowered ride.

Access to everything in the Mentorship  and…

Direct access to Dr Tianna in the twice-monthly small group mentoring mastermind calls where you will have the opportunity to personally talk with Dr. Tianna to identify and release blocks and pain in your life.


Access to Secret GPS Code Facebook Group

One monthly GPS Code™ Remote Energy Transmission for any single individual issue. 

This experience is by invitation only. Speak with Dr. Tianna privately to explore whether this is aligned for you. 

P.A.C.E. yourself to know when you are aligned with your
true authentic self and soul blueprint –
rather than the conditioned self and the
pain, powerlessness, and fear that you experience daily.





My Promise to You

You have it within you to set yourself free from exhaustive struggle and suffering – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Ask me how I know.  LOL  I had the near-death experience that I affectionately call “an Initiation into Awakening.

I heard this message: “Problems, challenges and pain are an inevitable part of life… Suffering is optional.”

What the h*ll did that mean?!  This led me on a quest to understand the message I’d been given.

I’m ready to pass it on to you for your self-mastery and soul-alignment with grace and ease.

“I see her greatest gift as the ability to see  beyond where each of us can go into each of our soul’s.  She is a conduit or mirror of each person’s soul’s desires allowing us to see ourselves when we are with her.  The gift she now offers us is this same ability for each of us to have our own internal conversation with our own souls through the GPS code.

Her newly founded Academy of Awakening Awareness is a resource where her gifts can be shared.  It provides basic lessons and tools for each of us to guide us into the light (our light) so that we might live more fully into our essential selves.”

Rev. Mary Azima Jackson



“Tianna is highly committed to helping you find your own journey and access your highest and most divine best self . . . find peace and forgiveness and seek and find answers within yourself . . . and move through divine inspiration from within in the direction of your next steps.”

Laura Gilson, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Tianne Conte and her GPS system are awesome! For years, I’ve had ghost-like pains in my heart that came and went. In just two sessions, those pains were gone and have not returned. I can’t thank you enough for this fabulous transformation.”

Misa Hopkins, New Mexico

“Tianna’s work is truly amazing. While experiencing The GPS Code™ I was able to recognize areas in my life where I was holding myself back without knowing it. That is the beauty of this work, it helped align me to my truest and best self.
Carly Frazier, Mexico