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Spiritual guidance to your soul’s highest evolution

Mary Azima is a conduit for the love and light that holds us all – regardless of what we are going through or where we are coming from.

Whether you are healing physically or spiritually, she is here to support your awakening through her music, rituals, and extraordinary guidance using the 
GPS Code™.

Mary Azima is an ordained Interfaith Minister with a Doctorate in Ministry from University of Creation Spirituality, Masters in Divinity from Yale Divinity School, and Masters in Biological Sciences from Fordham University. Chopra University recognizes her as a Vedic Master. She also worked as a chaplain in hospitals, providing spiritual support at the bedsides of those in the process of passing. Azima is Director of House of Light and one of the Deans and Trainers of the Awakening Awareness Academy.

While her faith is not bound to a single tradition, she believes deeply in the value of ritual and how it helps us make our lives sacred. To be in conversation with Mary Azima is to experience the light that shines through her being and uplifts and inspires all those who meet her.

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  •  A community where you are empowered to be your Highest & Best Authentic Self!
  • A place where you create access to your soul’s guidance for self healing and self trust.
  • A place where you can realise your core patterns that sabotage your success in life and business.
  • A place where you can set yourself free from roadblocks in relationships, wellness, and welath.
  • A place where you can discover customized solutions for any challenge you face.
  • A place where you can empower yourself to life a higher quality of life, on all levels.

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Noble Goldman also includes:

-Weekly classes to uplevel your mental and emotional state.

-Education to help you create recurring revenue (i.e. passive income).

-World-class mentoring and coaching from industry leaders.

-24/7 access to digital training to keep you in the game and elevate your skills.

-Tools to keep you motivated and track your progress daily.

-Functional CRM and funnels to share your business with like-minded people.

-Ongoing support via Facebook community.

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When you come to a crisis point in your health, whether it’s a sickness, end of life, or a pandemic, it’s a message to wake up. We can either stay in the old story or be open to a new one. Azima is the right Spiritual Director and guide for those who are genuinely prepared for the new story. Because we are more than these bodies or any diagnosis. Her services are for you if you are interested in exploring the greater spiritual meaning underlying your healing that will help you navigate the crisis with more peace of mind

 Through her core life experiences of Crohn’s disease and fourth stage cancer, Azima has been led from darkness into the light through an angelic presence that she now shares with others. 


“Azima is a skillful, big hearted, talented woman.  Whether conducting a Universal Worship service, performing original songs or marrying people, she generously meets the needs of those she serves.  She has studied with world acclaimed leaders in music and ministry and she distills her wealth of knowledge with a kindness that sets people at ease.  She creates the perfect ritual, tailored to deliver the best results to anyone who seeks her support.”

Abbey A.

Silver City, N.M


Noble Goldman is a community of truth seekers who desire more from our lives. Together, we are focused on supporting our members live life in true wealth and abundance by paying it forward with a less commonly known secret we have found within ‘The Golden Rule’.

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

The Golden Rule

At Noble Goldman we believe a lifestyle of true wealth and abundance includes healthy communities, healthy relationships, physical health, a profession with meaningful work that you love and the financial freedom to enjoy it all while pursuing your dreams.

Therefore, we are paying it forward and helping our members organise into Mastermind teams of like-minded and highly motivated individuals, so they can learn and work together to accomplish their goals and aspirations together.

Experience this value for yourself…

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