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Next Steps

For those interested in a deeper dive, I give you my promise. I am here for you in whatever way I can continue to support your journey.  

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Ready for more? – A Giant Quantum Leap:

Go to the Get in Touch page and send me a message to schedule a conversation about working one to one with Dr. Tianna or a certified expert.

To that end, for those who resonate with this work and are seeking more, we have that in the form of one to one guidance.  Together with myself, or a certified facilitator we can customize and fine tune your mastery in the understanding and application of the wisdom through a personalized approach including energy transmission. We offer the Attunement- the Awakening- and the Activation for the full INITIATION EXPERIENCE. 

In playfully keeping with the car analogy, these steps are as follows:

Awakening: As with learning to drive a car, you receive a guidebook, aka permit, to lead you through the steps with a personalized guide by your side.

Activation: Now, beginning to drive a car, your guide will be in the “passenger” seat as you take an actual problem you are dealing with and run the Code yourself.  Your guide will oversee and offer suggestions for an empowered ride.

Attunement: Keys in the ignition, turn on your vehicle.  You will listen to the mp3’s with a guide who will run sacred energy transmission for you and answer any comments or questions that come up for you.