Empower yourself physically

and financially

How it Works:

The Science

The Possibilities

The Power of Stem Cells

The Opportunity

As a first-time mother giving birth to healthy twins at fifty years of age, I am beyond blessed.

My miracle twin boys fulfilled and long held
dream and miracle made manifest that I would not change for the world however, keeping up with teenage boys who are now fifteen takes vitality, strength and a strong constitution!

Enter the Lifewave light patches!

Peel, stick and go! Wearable non-drug light patch technology enhances my sleep, supports my vitality and renews my skin daily by activating my own stem cells for regeneration right down to the cellular level.

Fly me!

Couple light patching with a lifestyle that embraces proper hydration, regular exercise, nutritious food and time well spent living and loving your passion and you are well on your way to living the gift of life in a more balanced, energized and joyful manner. Indisputably health is wealth!

There is no reason why we can not be vital until our last breath.

This technology supports enhanced life. Here at the Trapp household, we have no intentions of ever stopping because we know what we want to be as we get older which is……younger!!!

Are you ready, willing and open to try?

(We never pressure anyone, but we do love sharing this phenomenal

Loria Raiola-Trapp, M.ed.

Mental Health Counselor

Rejuvenation and Stem Cell Activation

Relieve Stress and Inflammation

Appetite Suppression

Increase Energy and Stamina

Repair Brain Cells and increase Brain Function

Attain Restful and Restorative Sleep

"I was diagnosed with a knee condition and walking was very painful. I had to go up and down stairs one step at a time. After having an MRI my doctor recommended surgery. A friend who was using the patches for her dog was having amazing results so I decided to give it a try. After about six weeks I was able to walk comfortably and after eight weeks I was able to freely walk up and down stairs. I live pain free and will not go a day without X39!"

 Denice Galicia

The sleep patches work better than any product I've ever used with no drowsiness or sleep aide hangover. I have recommended them to many of my musician friends.

Karlus Trapp, Entertainer & Performer.

"I am in my mid sixties but most people take me for at least 15 to 20 years younger! I attribute my vim,vigor and vitality to light patch technology and nourishing skin care products."

Loretta Ferringo, Mother, Business owner & Drama Momma

"Three years ago when I starting using light patches I was skeptical. Within the first seven days I noticed I was sleeping much deeper. In a few months my eyesight improved, my hair grew faster, my cognition was sharper and I had more vitality. Today I am 71 years young and I now play basketball with twenty and thirty year olds and keep up."

John Ward, The Healthy Networker

My energy, vitality and concentration has noticeably increased since I have been patching. I feel younger than I have in years! I have no intention of stopping any time soon!

Robin George, Visual Artist, Holistic Entrepreneur

Empower Yourself
Mentally and Emotionally

The Awakening Awareness Academy


Each Day

Step by Step

You’ll be Shown the Way

Words heard mystically that
shifted sacred wound
to spiritual awakening for
Dr. Tianna
  • Effortless access to your soul’s guidance
  • Locate and eliminate self sabotaging tendencies
  • Learn to stop forcing your way through life by working with the 5 gears of the GPS Code™
  • Receive daily energy transmission in areas that you are working through

How it Works:

The Awaken Your SoulPower Experience delivers a spiritually transmitted system that empowers you to dissolve self imposed limitations such as:

– Reactive emotions that keep you trapped in low frequency living

– Belief systems that disempower you

– Traumatic wounds that keep you powerless

– Mind chatter that keeps you stuck

Decision-making that is not Soul Aligned

This is an exclusive invitation to reveal a long held secret code that aligns you with your soul’s blueprint.

The Awaken Your SoulPower Journey is a spiritually transmitted system that empowers you to dissolve self imposed limitations:

– belief systems that disempower you
– traumatic wounds that keep you powerless
– mind chatter that keeps you stuck
– reactive emotions that keep you trapped in low frequency.

Your GPS Code™ Journey: (God/Source Positioning System) Allows for Cruise Control Guidance, Solutions, and Freedom… God’s Way.

Get access to Your GPS Code Journey with embedded audios and videos to reveal the secret code that guides you to activating Your GPS Code™.

As an added bonus you will receive open office hours once per week. In these sessions you will be able to ask questions and receive further training. This is a 90 day gift. 

Customize Your SoulPower Experience that Includes Laser Mentoring for 2 Months

Journey solo with the founder, Dr. Tianna Conte. 

Or for the same investment in yourself

 Journey with another person who you would like to share the experience  with. The two of you will be guided by  trained mentors who are supervised by Dr. Tianna.

Self-Paced & Virtual for You Solo or w/ a Partner

For those highly motivated,

Lifetime 24/7 access


This Experience is delivered to you via text, audio, and video presentations. 

Live Support Included

-Laser concierge mentoring to integrate your Soul Alignment

-Holy Fire Reiki to dissolve energy blocks with ease and grace.

A Sneak Peak Into the Journey

What I love about the GPS Code™ is that you can run it whenever and wherever you are emotionally upset or stressed without calling a shrink, the police, an ambulance or your mother. And it works.


It’s a lot cheaper than psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and coaching. It is the only spiritual system that I know of, that encourages one to be fully human as well as fully spiritual, for is that not what we are? I would like
to see this sacred system taught to every child of all ages on this planet.

God knows we need it now more than ever! I use the GPS Code™ daily in my life. I start each day with the body prayer. I have taught the code to my own children and clients with great success.

It truly has been a magnificent coping modality. When practiced regularly it changes our way of being in the world by giving us a greater understanding of who we really are, which is spiritual beings having a very human experience with unique gifts to share.

The GPS Code™ accelerates and unlocks the blocks
that are standing in the way of living the life that we came here to live, enjoy and share. It was designed for beginners as well as advanced spiritual seekers on the path to soul evolution.

The beauty part is that anyone can learn the code from a certified code expert, however, if you are a mental health professional as I am, I am whole-heartedly and
whole-mindedly recommending that you learn the GPS Code™ to further support yourself, your clients and practice.

Once you learn it you’ll never operate the same way!
Are you ready to take a step?

Loria Raiola-Trapp, M.ed.

Mental Health Counselor

The Next Steps

Ongoing Support and Community

The Quantum Light Lounge

The spirituality of success is fueled by energy, community, empowerment, and guidance.

This mentorship is designed to empower you in accelerating your enlightened possibilities for wellness and wealth.


Daily: Remote Quantum Energy Transmission per your monthly intention 

Monthly: Remote group Money Energy Reiki Transmission 

Monthly: Remote Holy Fire™ Reiki energy transmission. 

Monthly Group Q&A Calls with certified experts where questions are answered and insights are shared​.

Access to Secret GPS Code™ Facebook Group


12 Monthly Payments $55 – monthly

1 Year Payment $497 – annually

VIP Private Mentoring

Access to everything in the Mentorship  and…

Direct access to Dr Tianna in the twice-monthly small group mentoring mastermind calls where you will have the opportunity to personally talk with Dr. Tianna to identify and release blocks and pain in your life.


Access to Secret GPS Code Facebook Group

One monthly GPS Code™ Remote Energy Transmission for any single individual issue. 

This experience is by invitation only. Speak with Dr. Tianna privately to explore whether this is aligned for you. 

P.A.C.E. yourself to know when you are aligned with your
true authentic self and soul blueprint –
rather than the conditioned self and the
pain, powerlessness, and fear that you experience daily.





My Promise to You

You have it within you to set yourself free from exhaustive struggle and suffering – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Ask me how I know.  LOL  I had the near-death experience that I affectionately call “an Initiation into Awakening.

I heard this message: “Problems, challenges and pain are an inevitable part of life… Suffering is optional.”

What the h*ll did that mean?!  This led me on a quest to understand the message I’d been given.

I’m ready to pass it on to you for your self-mastery and soul-alignment with grace and ease.

“I see her greatest gift as the ability to see  beyond where each of us can go into each of our soul’s.  She is a conduit or mirror of each person’s soul’s desires allowing us to see ourselves when we are with her.  The gift she now offers us is this same ability for each of us to have our own internal conversation with our own souls through the GPS code.

Her newly founded Academy of Awakening Awareness is a resource where her gifts can be shared.  It provides basic lessons and tools for each of us to guide us into the light (our light) so that we might live more fully into our essential selves.”

Rev. Mary Azima Jackson



“Tianna is highly committed to helping you find your own journey and access your highest and most divine best self . . . find peace and forgiveness and seek and find answers within yourself . . . and move through divine inspiration from within in the direction of your next steps.”

Laura Gilson, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Tianne Conte and her GPS system are awesome! For years, I’ve had ghost-like pains in my heart that came and went. In just two sessions, those pains were gone and have not returned. I can’t thank you enough for this fabulous transformation.”

Misa Hopkins, New Mexico

“Tianna’s work is truly amazing. While experiencing The GPS Code™ I was able to recognize areas in my life where I was holding myself back without knowing it. That is the beauty of this work, it helped align me to my truest and best self.
Carly Frazier, Mexico