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“Know Thyself…Love Thyself….Trust Thyself” is our promise and our mission. 

-The Founders

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The Awakening Awareness Academy
was Founded Because…

Right now our world is at a tipping point...

It’s about collective consciousness. We know that everything is energy.

This Academy was founded so that we can Awaken to our Souls’ solutions and lead destiny driven lives of abundance, love, and happiness.

“Problems, challenges, and pain are an inevitable part of everyone’s life.
Suffering is optional.

-Delivered to Tianna during a near death experience.

All options and possibilities are yours, you simply need to take a step!


“No Ego left behind. Time, money or other seemingly real excuses are illusions for the soul that is ready to Re-Awaken!”


Listen and lean in for the secrets and shortcuts to living the Awakened Journey. 

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Love’s Fire: Beyond Mortal Boundaries

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Sexuality and Spirituality dance together in this intimate true love story that bridges eternity. Inspiring read for women and men of all ages who long to deepen their power of giving and receiving love in the here and now while they remain open to the hereafter.

Everything you’re about read, hear, or experience in this space is true, even though it feels like

We are committed to your journey of Awakening, in your timing and your way.

Everyone has more power and abilities than we know and can access daily. 

As you awaken to listening to the wisdom of your heart and soul, the solutions to any problem become available to

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Love’s Fire: Living the Awakened Journey

Love never dies and neither do we. R-Evolutionary JourneyTM featured in a spiritual documentary. reveals the power of the Divine Feminine for Conscious Rebirth illuminates the possibility of contact with deceased loved ones, offers scientific proof of afterlife existence.

Is Now the Time for You to Shift from Silent Suffering to SoulPower Sovereignty?

Together These Secrets and Shortcuts Will Empower You to Set Yourself Free.