Join the R-evolution™

for your Evolution.

This is an academy for Self Leadership that empowers the leader and their service of others.

This is a community of aligned visionary leaders, entrepreneurs and transformational experts so that no one feels isolated in their struggles in today’s world.

Our commitment is to provide resources and opportunities through Education, Enlightenment, and Entertainment that will initiate you into the 21st century version of your highest frequency self. 

It is the only academy that has deans in different dimensions, as well as an associate dean between the dimensions.

Dr. Tianna Conte is a unique blend of trailblazing mystic, eternal entrepreneur, and passionate researcher of human consciousness. She awakens visionary entrepreneurs, transformational leaders of light, and healing professional to escape from the hamster wheel of stress and financial struggle so they can live their soul’s calling.

Her career has spanned 40 years as an International Best-Selling Author, Naturopath, Interfaith Minter, Initiated Shaman, Reiki Master and Psycho-Spiritual Therapist, and Founder of the Awakening Awareness Academy.

Dr. Tianna’s Signature program, The GPS Code™️ (God Source Positioning System), is an ego-friendly spiritual system to access your soul’s guidance and superpowers. This is on-the-go practice for navigating life’s challenges sets your spirituality of success on autopilot.

She specializes in energy medicine, enlightened self-care, and personal evolution.

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 A community where you are empowered to be your Highest & Best Authentic Self!

  • A place where you create access to your soul’s guidance for self healing and self trust.
  • A place where you can realise your core patterns that sabotage your success in life and business.
  • A place where you can set yourself free from roadblocks in relationships, wellness, and welath.
  • A place where you can discover customized solutions for any challenge you face.
  • A place where you can empower yourself to life a higher quality of life, on all levels.

It’s about collective consciousness. We know that everything is energy.

As a collective all of our energies are coming together for the greater good.

This Academy was founded so that we can Awaken to our Souls’ solutions and lead destiny driven lives of abundance, love, and happiness.

“Problems, challenges, and pain are an inevitable part of everyone’s life. Suffering is optional.”

-Delivered to Tianna during a near death experience.

All options and possibilities are yours, you simply need to take a step!


“No Ego left behind because of the illusion of time, money or other seemingly real excuses for the soul that is ready to Re-Awaken!”


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What's Included?

-Weekly classes to uplevel your mental and emotional state.

-Education to help you create recurring revenue (i.e. passive income).

-World-class mentoring and coaching from industry leaders.

-24/7 access to digital training to keep you in the game and elevate your skills.

-Tools to keep you motivated and track your progress daily.

-Functional CRM and funnels to share your business with like-minded people.

-Ongoing support via Facebook community.

Join the Spirituality Made Practical Community with other aligned visionaries and entrepreneurs!

Questions to consider:


  • Are you tired of suffering through your circumstances and ready to embrace your SoulPower?

  • Are you ready to wake up empowerd to enjoy a miracle day?

  • Are you running out of the time and energy needed to bring your vision to the world?





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“I believe that every visionary entrepreneur, leader and light worker has the ability to shift their stress and struggle to self-healing and success on soul autopilot.

It is my gift to awaken your soul’s code and blueprint for the embodiment of your
spiritually and financially successful lifestyle.”


– Dr. Tianna Conte, Founder of Awakening Awareness Academy

“As a mentor Tianna is impeccable with her wisdom, love, and understanding. Her ability to recognize which ‘gear’ I or the people around me are in is amazing, only to be outdone by her ability to help me to move through and to the higher states of consciousness that are required for me to move onward and upward for both my famly and my business!

The GPS code is a gift from God and her facilitation of it is a catalyst for all of my desires, solutions, and inspiration! 

Thank you Tianna for bringing this to me, my family, and my community! Every empire should be founded on this gift!”

Jessa Grace

Owner , Greater Good Innovations

“Tianna is highly committed to helping you find your own journey and access your highest and most divine best self . . . find peace and forgiveness and seek and find answers within yourself . . . and move through divine inspiration from within in the direction of your next steps.”


Laura Gilson

Salt Lake City, Utah

“Tianne Conte and her GPS system are awesome! For years, I’ve had ghost-like pains in my heart that came and went. In just two sessions, those pains were gone and have not returned. I can’t thank you enough for this fabulous transformation.”


Misa Hopkins,

New Mexico

“I see her greatest gift as the ability to see  beyond where each of us can go into each of our soul’s.  She is a conduit or mirror of each person’s soul’s desires allowing us to see ourselves when we are with her.  The gift she now offers us is this same ability for each of us to have our own internal conversation with our own souls through the GPS code.

Her newly founded Academy of Awakening Awareness is a resource where her gifts can be shared.  It provides basic lessons and tools for each of us to guide us into the light (our light) so that we might live more fully into our essential selves.”

Rev. Mary Azima Jackson


“Tianna’s work is truly amazing. While experiencing The GPS Code™ I was able to recognize areas in my life where I was holding myself back without knowing it. That is the beauty of this work, it helped align me to my truest and best self.
Carly Frazier