Imagine your soul-ution:
the fusion of Energy Transmission w/ Business Coaching

Your Spirituality of success will be fueled by SoulPower energy, community, empowerment and business guidance.

This mentorship is designed to empower you in accelerating your enlightened possibilities for wellness and wealth.

This trailblazing blend of quantum energy transmission and dedicated business and marketing coaching is a heartfelt symphony, offering enlightened support to soul-driven entrepreneurs on your path.

Bonus 5 piece masterclass for you: Dr.Tianna reveals the SoulPower secrets and stories behind infinite possibilities to success in the videos below.


SoullPower Alignment

Quantum energy transmission clears away the blocks in one’s heart and mind, allowing the coaching journey to be a true soul-to-soul connection. It paves the way for profound alignment, ensuring every step taken resonates with the deepest desires of the entrepreneurial soul.

Clarity from Within

Through quantum energy transmission, the entrepreneur’s inner voice becomes a clear, unwavering guide in the coaching process. This newfound clarity permeates their business and marketing strategies, creating a beacon of authenticity and purpose.

Breathing Life into Dreams

Coaching delves into the practicalities of business and marketing. However it’s the quantum energy transmission that breathes life into these dreams. It infuses passion and vitality into every business endeavor, ensuring that each strategy resonates with the essence of your entrepreneuial soul.

Resilience & Self Belief

Together, quantum energy transmission and coaching forge a resiliant spirit within the entrepreneur. You are fortified to overcome the hurdles that entrepreneurship inevitably brings, standing tall in you self-belief and unwavering confidence in your soul’s calling.

Dr. Tianna – Light Energy Transmission

Jessa Grace – Heartfelt Business Coaching

About Dr. Tianna

Dr. Tianna is an extraordinary SoulPower catalyst who possesses a remarkable gift for nurturing and revitalizing the spirits of soul-driven entrepreneurs. Through her profoundly compassionate practice of money Reiki energy transmission, she becomes a conduit for the universal flow of energy, channeling it with unwavering dedication to mend the financial and spiritual aspects of her clients’ lives. With her deep intuition and a profound understanding of the intricate bond between money and the soul, Dr. Tianna embarks on a sacred journey with entrepreneurs, helping them release the burdens of financial blockages and nurturing a harmonious relationship with abundance. Her transformative work is nothing short of magical, bringing forth a sense of empowerment and prosperity that resonates deep within the souls of entrepreneurs, guiding them towards a life filled with heartfelt purpose and abundance.

About Jessa

Jessa Grace’s Heartfelt Business model is a transformative approach to entrepreneurship, radiating with authenticity, purpose, and a profound emphasis on connection, empathy, and ingenuity. It encourages soul-driven entrepreneurs to align their deepest passions with their ventures, emphasizing the creation of products and services that not only thrive financially but also serve the greater good. This visionary approach fosters a business culture where empathy and heartfelt connections drive meaningful impact, both in entrepreneurs’ lives and the world at large.

Empowerment in Your Pocket: for all who desire easy on the go access, we have an app too!

Imagine an app that becomes your daily companion on the remarkable journey of being a soul-driven entrepreneur. This app is more than just a tool; it’s a source of unwavering support that touches your very soul.

Every day, you receive personalized quantum energy transmission based on your desires. Consider it a warm embrace for your spirit, empowering you to shed the burdens of doubt, fear and anxiety.

Lean in for the secret… it organically infuses you with renewed momentum and positivity. This daily ritual becomes a beacon of light, grounding you in your purpose and strengthening you stay resilient through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

However, this app offers more than just spiritual nourishment; it’s your trusted guide to financial abundance. Every month, you engage in insightful business coaching trainings, tailored to soul driven entrepreneurs. This isn’t just about strategies and numbers; it’s a profound journey of self-discovery, where you uncover your full potential and learn to navigate the intricate dance of business and marketing with wisdom and grace. Through the guidance and wisdom of your coach, you find clarity, forge new paths, and unlock doors to prosperity you might not have thought possible.

The beauty of it all is that this incredible support system is right at your fingertips, ready to empower you wherever you are. It’s more than an app; it’s a heartfelt ally on your soul-driven quest, reminding you that your dreams are worth pursuing and that abundance, both in business and in life, is within your grasp.

Invitation to the Quantum Light & Leverage Lounge:

A Fusion of Light Transmission and Business Savvy with a Community of Soul Driven Entrepreneurs.