-Walk away with self care and soul alignment on autopilot

-Quieting/silencing the mind so that ultimate wisdom can be heard

-Secrets and shortcuts to your entrepreneurial quantum leap

-Residual income (place holder)

-Body-Mind connection for XYZ

-Peace of mind

-Clarity of…

– Inspiration, Empowerment, and Entertainment (leave inspired and with a smile on your face)

A free retreat day that will grow your prosperity, wellness, and perspective on all things possible for you.

Join us for a Time Out from the noise of the outside world.


Streaming to you November 12th, 2020

What You Can Expect:

Ask Tianna for blurb: 

Ask Tianna for blurb: 

Ask Tianna for blurb: 

Meet Your Success Panel

Dr. Tianna Conte

Trailblazing Mystic –


Free Gift:

Mary Azima

Spiritual Director


Free Gift:

Jessa Grace

Empath Entrepreneur Consultant


Free Gift:

A special message from your host:

DR. Tianna Conte


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