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Do you have a vision and mission that could use some leverage and empowerment?

This system is desigend to give you the resources, guidance and technology needed to take your vision from growing to scaling in a way that is simple, kind and full of heart.

3 Keys to a New Paradigm

Choose which keys you need to jumpstart your new paradigm. Click the ‘Learn More’ buttons to be taken to that section of this page. 

Light Therapy Leverage

Stem light technology is an exciting and lucrative addition to any powerful coaching or healing program that you may already be offering. Add to that the health and anti-aging benefits for yourself and you have a win-win!

It is as easy as peel, stick and go!

SoulPower Solutions

Being emowered, regulated and in tune with your higher self is the most impactful way to shift from struggle to properity.

The Awakening Awereness Academy is the place to create peace of mind and overcome any energy,  mental and emotional blocks that are holding you back.

Marketing Magic

There are so many moving parts to filling your offer. The copywriting, technology, funnels and lead magnets can send a person into freeze mode before they have even begun.

This key offers a completely ‘done for you’ option to the building of your business so you can focus on your work.

Empower Yourself
& Financially


The Power of Light

 2 minute video to learn more about the power of light to heal the body.

The Science

The Possibilities

The Power of Stem Cells

The Opportunity

27 minute deep dive webinar

As an energy medecine expert and natropath for over 40 years, the miracle I witnessed for my fur-baby Starsky gave him a new “leash on life” and me a new lease on life.

Within 1 hour of applying the X39 stem cell patch on his collar, I withessed a miracle. My boy that had experienced heart failure and the vet was going to euthanize because he had not moved or eaten in three days, came. to life.

He started barking, standing and became fully playful and alive. He was blessed through daily use of the X39 to live two more quality years of life, passing at age 18.

As for myself, the most dramatic experience, of which I have had many, I rarely have a back issues. One morning I woke up with a back issue so severe that I couldn’t stand up fully.

Reaching for Icewaves and placing the pain patch on the location of the injury, within 60 seconds a pain of 9 went down to a 2 and I was fine that day.

Since the patches, my clients call me with the question “Which Patch?”. I laughingly tell them which patch I recommend and to call me in the morning.  This has contributed to hundreds of people receiving healing and relief of pain on autopilot.

Dr. Tianna Conte

Founder of the Awakening Awareness Academy and the GPS Code™. International best selling author & visionary entrepreneur.

Rejuvenation and Stem Cell Activation

Promotes Performance and Recovery

Relieve Stress and Inflammation

Increase Energy and Stamina

Improve Brain Function and Heart Muscles

This fortifies immune function and fights off damaging oxidative stress

Relieve aches, pains, and discomfort without drugs, stimulants, or chemicals

"The easiest path to the life and health my entire family deserves"

Rehaan Whitfield

"my energy came back & back pain has now gone! I even went out gardening for nearly 3 hours as I felt 20 years younger. Thank you!”

Kason Espinosa

"After experiencing heart failure my fur-baby was given 2 more years of vibrant and life!"

Saif Guerra

Attain Restful and Restorative Sleep

Show your skin some love while moisturizing, anti-aging, and protecting it.

Empower Yourself
Mentally and Emotionally

The Awakening Awareness Academy

SoulPower Guidance


Each Day

Step by Step

You’ll be Shown the Way

Words heard mystically that
shifted sacred wound
to spiritual awakening for
Dr. Tianna
  • Effortless access to your soul’s guidance
  • Locate and eliminate self sabotaging tendencies
  • Learn to stop forcing your way through life by working with the 5 gears of the GPS Code™
  • Receive daily energy transmission in areas that you are working through

This is an exclusive invitation to reveal a long held secret code that aligns you with your soul’s blueprint.

The Awaken Your SoulPower Journey is a spiritually transmitted system that empowers you to dissolve self imposed limitations:

– belief systems that disempower you
– traumatic wounds that keep you powerless
– mind chatter that keeps you stuck
– reactive emotions that keep you trapped in low frequency.

Your GPS Code™ Journey: (God/Source Positioning System) Allows for Cruise Control Guidance, Solutions, and Freedom… God’s Way.

Get access to Your GPS Code Journey with embedded audios and videos to reveal the secret code that guides you to activating Your GPS Code™.

As an added bonus you will receive open office hours once per week. In these sessions you will be able to ask questions and receive further training. This is a 90 day gift. 

Empower Yourself
Entreuprenurially and Technologically

The Heartfelt Profit System

Templated Funnel Build

Choose from one of our lovely funnel templates for an easy done for you ‘business in a box’ that includes the Lifewave Patches and the Awakening Awareness Academy. 


Have a master copywriter help you share your message in an impactful, inspiring and effective way. 

Email Campaign Automation

Have an entire up to 8 step email campaign set up and automated for you. 

Customized Funnel Build

Combine any of our offers with your own to create a new business with new oportunities and technology to jumpstart your new paradigm. 

Freebie/Lead Magnet Development

Have a PDF flipbook lead magnet designed and implemented for your offer. 

A la Cart Options

Whether it is your website, your branding, or video etiding – the support you need to go from growing to scaling is available to you. 

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