The Initiation Experience : All 3 Steps Included

The Quantum Leap

If you’ve been on your spiritual path for a while and are looking to take your journey to the next level NOW, this is the best option for you.

Today is the day you commit to your own personal dedication to becoming the highest and best version of who you truly are as a powerful spiritual being beyond your limited perceptions.

This initiation program is facilitated by a Certified GPS Code Navigator. The ‘Fast Lane’ is all three of the steps below in one program. 

You will receive the entire program for $1,111 (a discount of over $500). 

Step 1 : /Guided through a Group Retreat

The Awakening

As with learning to drive a car, you receive a guidebook, aka permit, to lead you through the steps with a personalized guide by your side in a virtual retreat.


The Activation

As in beginning to drive a car it is a 1:1 experience. Your guide will be in the “passenger” seat as you take an actual problem you are dealing with and run the Code yourself.  Your guide will oversee and offer suggestions for an empowered ride.

Step 3 : Intimate Group Experience

The Attunement

Keys in the ignition, turn on your vehicle.  You and/or your chosen intimate group will listen to the mp3’s with a guide.

Your guide will run sacred energy transmission for you and answer any comments or questions that come up.

P.A.C.E. yourself to know when you are aligned with your
true authentic self and soul blueprint –
rather than the conditioned self and the
pain, powerlessness, and fear that you experience daily.