Meet Dr. Tianna

International Best Selling Author

Dr. Tianna Conte is a unique blend of trailblazing mystic, eternal entrepreneur and passionate researcher of human consciousness.  She empowers visionary entrepreneurs, transformational leaders of light and healing professionals to shift stress and struggle to self-healing and success on soul autopilot.

Her signature program, The GPS Code (God/Source Positioning System) directs your soul through an ego-friendly spiritual system for on-the-go practice.  This foundation provides you with awakening of your soul’s code and blueprint for your spirituality of success lifestyle.

Imagine navigating life’s challenges by re-awakening your divine guidance and soul’s superpowers.The result is experiencing true freedom, authentic intimacy, and love that never dies starting with yourself. 

Born with the gift of multi-sensory abilities, and experiencing a range of spiritual awakenings, including a near-death-experience in1995 and having escorted her beloved into the “Light”, Tianna is uniquely qualified as a living bridge to infinite possibilities. She brings a deep intuitive knowing of life, death and transformation to your spiritual and entrepreneurial journey.

Tianna has traveled to over 55 countries around the globe working with shamans, spiritual masters and personal development experts to further evolutionary exploration into self-actualization. Her expertise focuses on training others to live life with passion, purpose, prosperity and pleasure.

Her career has spanned 40 years as a naturopath, interfaith minister, initiated shaman, Reiki master and psycho-spiritual therapist. She specializes in energy healing, enlightened self-care and personal evolution. 


She is an international best selling author of multiple books on self-transformation, including her true life spiritual romance:  Love’s Fire: Beyond Mortal Boundaries and Love’s Fire: Living the Awakened Journey. She also co-stars in documentaries with enlightened luminaries such as  Rev Michael Beckwith and T. Harv Eker.

Recently, together with her husband in spirit, Tianna has founded the Awakening Awareness Academy.  Are you ready to take a quantum leap for high frequency and enlightened possibilities?   We extend an interdimensional invitation for those of you who long for more in soul-based living?


Awards and Recognitions:
Recipient of the Humanitarian Unsung Hero Award by CBS Radio
Multiple Literary Award winner for transformational books:Voyage To Your Vis
Co-star in documentary called Dying To Live that is based on NDE

“Ego is allowed to have its say, just not its way.”

– Dr. Tianna